Open call for Young Curators 2021

In fall 2020 all partners advertised for Young Curators in their community and partner schools. Their project was to make an exhibition in Kópavogur, Iceland, the first exhibition of the Waterdrop project.

Description of the project:
The children will learn to take part in the work processes and collaborate on an international level and see their work and ideas get an impact and be taken seriously. The children will be supported in trusting their inner ideas and life and be encouraged to think creatively and critically. It can also have the effect that some of the children will follow through on their interest in arts and culture and get more involved in this area and perhaps follow an educational path in this area in the future.

The museums and their staff will feel the impact of the project in the sense that they will learn new methodologies and get new and unexpected inputs from the children. Inputs they could never have foreseen at the beginning of this project. It can in that way impact the future of how the museums do their exhibition and cultural programming.