What would you do to solve the threats to the ocean?

A Statement by the Young Curators

Sometimes we think about what the  world would be like if there was no ocean, and if the world will end if we continue to treat our planet so badly. And we often think to ourselves, what can we do to save it?

We want everyone to agree that we all matter and that the ocean matters. If we didn’t have the ocean we would all die. If we fish all the fish from the sea it would be terrible, and we’d never get fish again. We need fish but the fish then also needs to be able to survive, so we need to watch the balance between us and the fish. 

We need to stop killing whales and overfishing, stop throwing trash every where that just blows with the wind into the sea, stop using oil to fuel our ships. 

We should also ban trash being dumped into the ocean.

We should finish the food on our plates and throw less food in the trash. We need to be careful what we throw in the toilet as well! We should also pick up trash off the ground and around us so it doesn’t end up in the sea. Actually, just buy less crap to begin with and recycle as well!