Young curators 2022 in Kópavogur

Today we invited our Young curators for the coming year, to the library were the mayor welcomed them to the project and encouraged them to think big as no idea is too big (or small for that matter). ,,I am very happy to welcome you here today and look forward following your creative process and learn about the festival you are about to create” said the mayor as he putted on his Water drop t-shirt and discussed the project with the group.

The Young curators for 2022 in Kópavogur were selected through an open call during fall 2021. In the application they had to explain how they would save the world if they had that power for one day. How they chose to express themselves was up to them and we received many videos, illustrations and/or written answers. One said she would call Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world to her correcting the injustice while others would call their friends to clean up the ocean. Free health care and education for all was also among on their wish list.

From January to April the Young curators will meet and discuss the festival, inform us how they would develop it and what specialists they want to meet. We might not be able to call Pippi but we are sure we can find other good candidates.