Exhibition opening at HC Andersen House

The Waterdrop exibitition “Life on Land” opened yesterday at H.C. Andersen House curated by the Danish Young Curators.

The process began in spring where the Young Curators received the artwork from the two Waterdrop classes in Odense and were given minor curatorial exercises before the summer holidays.

Their autumn’s work consisted of working towards curating the works from the Waterdrop classes in collaboration with curator from Gallery Brandts. The Young Curators had a workshop on curation at Brandts, which ended with them making a model of the exhibition and deciding on the content.

The official opening of the exhibition took place between 12:00 and 13:00 on the 4th of November 2022. In connection with the opening of the Waterdrop exhibition the two Waterdrop classes were offered some tailored workshops at the H.C. Andersen House:

  1. An insect workshop: creative workshop shere they had to make insects in 3D with simple materials
  2. Think like nature: Dialogic workshop where students had to imagine that they themselves were objects from nature and attribute feelings and purpose to them.

After the workshops, the classes participated in the official opening of the Waterdrop exhibition.

In continuation of the public program of the opening day, it is possible to make insects in the studio the exhibition period. This is done to ensure a holistic experience and coherence between the exhibition and the H.C. Andresen House.