Young Curators at Moomin Museum

The Young Curators in Tampere started their creative process in April by reading stories, having discussions and workshops, followed by designing suitcases with various inspiration from that process as well as making projects for school children. The suitcases also included a form for a character building and request for watercolor paintings being sent back to the Young Curators for an exhibition in November.

They made a video clip as an inspiration for the project, telling the school children what this project was about. Four stories were picked to be part of the suitcases (from each Waterdrop author) and workshops were created in connection with each suitcase.

The Young Curators inspired schools to go outside and find a plant, tree, rock etc., and imagine as if it was alive, how it would move and talk to each other. This was planned out as a main workshop for schools in connection with the suitcases, the main Waterdrop project in 2022. The final result was the Waterdrop art exhibition “Life on land” which opened in November 2022 with children’s artwork as a result of the student’s work with the suitcases and curated by the Young Curators.