Developing Nordic cultural collaborations

The core partnership includes the cultural institutions and educational institutions of Kópavogur municipality (IS) and the museums for children’s literature in Odense (DK), Tampere (FI) and Haapsalu (EE).

The partners first came together through a networking project supported by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund. They bring with them unique and complementary skill sets, resources, and locations for the development and implementation of the program. For different reasons, they all stand to benefit greatly from the cultural-educational collaboration of the project. 

The Cultural Houses of the Kopavogur Municipality for example have been interested for a long time in setting up a series of exhibitions and festivals about Nordic Children’s Literature that will revive interest and reexamine their relevance in a public setting. Kópavogur has involved children and young people in its primary schools in the region. 

Odense City Museums opened, state- of-the-art HC Andersen Museum in 2021. The new museum has been in the making for the past few years, and a key part of its vision is a focus on an extensive educational program and the involvement of children. 

Tampere Museums have been primarily interested in developing Nordic cultural collaborations and continuing their extensive work with children’s involvement. 

Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums in Estonia have been developing children’s involvement programs and are looking for opportunities to continuing their work in Nordic cultural collaboration. 

The expertise, needs and goals of these four primary partners have come together in a multi-layered and expansive project. The project will be managed by the respective institutions with additional help from external cultural managers. 

Most recent projects