Purpose of the Water drop

The purpose of the project is to bring together the four partner institutions and schools with children and young people from across the Nordic region to jointly develop and implement a cultural program that connects Nordic children’s literature with joint Nordic values and the UN Development Goals, such as sustainability and equality. 

Thereby, we are pursuing three primary goals:

  • reintroduce classics of Nordic children’s Literature and raise awareness of Nordic and UN values among children and young people through informal learning.
  • strengthen the ties between cultural and educational institutions in the four municipalities.
  • provide a model for joint Nordic culture projects that directly involve children and young people in the planning and development phase.

The project’s ultimate aim is to show that the messages of these canonical works of children’s literature are as important as ever. Great things happen when culture and education join forces and take a joint Nordic approach in developing new methods for directly involving children and young people in shaping cultural projects.

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